Original All India Flavour

This is the original Rickshaw Run iron fist of adventure (well almost – we made it a tiny bit longer than the original). It’s a an adventure so gigantic it spans nearly the entire length of the subcontinent. At one end lies the tea plantations of the Ghats and at the other end is the mountain kingdom of Sikkim.

In between is anything 3000 and 5000 km of adventuring chaos. Teams have had their rickshaw shot with arrows, been swallowed by swamps, altercated with elephants and broken down in the least convenient place thousands of times. And as always the awesome peoples of India are what make this adventure totally unpredictable.

16ish days. (depending on how lost you get)

Himalayan Tongue Punch Flavour

If you took the Original All India Rickshaw Run, packed it full of dynamite and threw it off the roof, you will find the resulting explosion is the Rickshaw Run Himalaya. . The adventure lies between the Palace in Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) and the Himalayan town of Leh in Jammu and Kashmir via some of the highest roads on our good planet.

It’s fairly easy to predict that Rickshaws weren’t invented for this. And that is what makes it such a perfect combination. Wobbling through the world’s biggest mountain range on one of the least sensible vehicles is close to meditative nirvana. Not entirely for the faint hearted.

13ish days. (depending on how lost you get)

Sri Lanka Spice Flavour

Ahhh the Sri Lanka Run. The gateway drug of Rickshaw Un-routes. She’ll be handing you out equal measures of tears of joy and frustration. Beaches, jungles, off-road tracks in, the crumbling remnants of past kingdoms, mountains, elephants and remote villages. All this goes towards making an adventure that will basically melt your face with awesomeness.

This very slightly shorter Run will basically throw everything the entire country can at you.

9ish days.  (depending on how lost you get)

North East Pioneers

A whole new flavour of Rickshaw Run is about to be birthed. We don’t know how it will go or how long we’ll run it but we do know it will be top draw adventuring chaos.

The Himalayas, dense jungle covered hills, thousands of tribes spread through the land from head hunters to sun worshipers, dirt roads, what could go wrong?

Test Run – October 2021

Pioneers Run – October 2022 (only open to ex-rickshaw Runners)

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