The Mongol Rally has been cancelled. Again. So  this summer we’re turning the World into our adventure playground as the Mongol Rally X returns with the all new Poles Of Inconvenience competition.

DATES: 13th – 30th August

PRIZE: £500 cash, a golden queue jump ticket and a free adventure for each person in your team.

WHAT: The world’s most ridiculous adventure competition. Drive a small unsuitable vehicle to any Pole of Inconvenience any time during the competition period. A panel of un-expert judges will select the team who epitomise the spirit of the Mongol Rally and they shall be crowned champions.

ENTRY: £50 per car or £25 per motorbike. We’ll send you official Mongol Rally X vehicle stickers and patch for your adventuring blazer.


Poles of Inconvenience have been set all over the world.

The tracking map is live now so you can follow the world’s most ridiculous adventure competition in real time.

While the pedants out there will be grumbling about “not being actual antipodes” we’ll be really busy not giving a shit and having an adventure.

Submit your POI

The whole point of the competition is to recreate the spirit of the Mongol Rally for all of us adventure starved humans around the world.

So your Pole of Inconvenience could be anywhere. At the end of an off road track known for its vehicle destroying qualities. Or on an uninhabited island with no ferry service.

Remote, lonely spots are strong contenders but it could be absolutely anywhere, as long as it’s inconvenient.


What happens at a Pole?

Your goal is to take a photo at said Pole to prove you made it. Most of them will be un-manned but a select few will have an actual Pole at the location who will also be of a cantankerous and difficult nature.

If you choose a manned Pole you’ll have to get a selfie with the annoying git. They might move around a bit. They might be hiding in a bush. They might refuse to stay still, who knows. This will ensure the Pole is as inconvenient as possible.

Competition Rules

We don’t dwell on rules here at Adventurists Towers, but for the Mongol Rally X there are some:

  • Cars – ideally 1 litre but you can take any vehicle – we recommend the smallest or most inappropriate as you can muster.
  • Motorcycles – 125cc (or less)
  • Don’t be a dick & stick to your country’s Covid-19 regs
  • Buy a competition entry pack and put Mongol Rally X stickers on your car or bike (the new ones, not last year’s you cheap bastard)
  • Post frantically about your Mongol Rally X using #mongolrallyx or #polesofinconvenience
  • Send us a photo of you and your vehicle at a Pole of Inconvenience.

That is all.

Prize Details & How to Win

The competition prize includes all of this stuff:

  • A free place on any adventure
  • 500 of the Queen’s finest British pounds
  • A golden queue jump ticket for Pioneer adventures and waiting lists (some are currently over 1000 humans long)
  • Their names etched into history as the first ever Poles of Inconvenience victors.

The winners will be picked based on their choice of vehicle, the difficulty of the poles they reach and their general panache and adventuring style. The spirit of the Mongol Rally is the guiding principle – motoring stupidity in all its glory. Posting updates about your journey using the official hashtags will help get the judges’ attention: #mongolrallyx & #polesofinconvenience


Reg open now

If you fancy actually leaving your front door for a sniff of adventure then you should sign up and get yourself somewhere stupid.

Last year we lost loads of money giving stickers away for free so this year we’re charging you money to enter the competition and cover some costs. Fuck all though really. It’s £25 a head, for which we’ll send you an official patch, some car or bike stickers and entry into the World’s most inconvenient competition. Not bad.

Are you a cantankerous git? We need you.

Can you be annoying and awkward for a whole weekend? We need you.

Out there in the wilder corners of the World the magical kingdoms of Pole need to be manned. The pay is terrible and the hours are long, but where else can you have “Cantankerous Git” as your job title?

You’ll need to be happy camping somewhere awkward and of course wearing the official uniform of a Pole of Inconvenience.

During the weekend your duties will involve ensuring your Pole of Inconvenience is, well, inconvenient. Bonuses will be paid on creative interpretation of inconvenient.

Join the group & introduce your team

We’ve set up an online forum community thingy for all things Mongol Rally X.

You can introduce your team, submit your Pole of Inconvenience, message and chat to other teams and all that stuff.

Registered entrants get access to a teams only area to chat with each other too.

Join in the chit chat here.