Oh Shit.

Well 2020 is a bit of a balls up.  We were all set for another bout of motoring stupidity when Coronavirus came along and slapped us around our greasy adventuring chops leaving us a bit dazed and shut inside with only the smell of our own unwashed pants for company.

Just about now (July 2020), we lament, 350 teams made of the sternest stuff would have been thundering across the start line before driving their tiny steeds across 10,000 miles of mother Earth’s finest terrain.

Alas, in 2020, the greatest road trip on earth is not to be.  We bowed our heads in memory of the lost year and then got sore necks and thought of something else instead…


Mongol Rally X...

We’re launching the Mongol Rally X.  Not the full blown Rally, but a call out to those with cars tucked away for a year without adventure to hit the road again.

You might not be able to drive 10,000 miles, or gather with 1000 other fools, but you can still take a tiny car a bit further than the shops until you find somewhere ridiculous.

The magic of struggling up a dirt track in a Robin Reliant or getting your Peugeot 205 to the top of a mountain is still out there somewhere.

And you can do it without breaking any rules.  Look at this photo – this chap is so socially distanced he’s pushing an empty car.  And if you make sure you don’t wash for a week before you start you’ll really get the full Rally experience, even if you only actually manage the shops in the end.


Win a free place on the Mongol Rally

Sign up to take part in the Mongol Rally X this summer and we’ll give you the chance to win a free place on the Rally (or your entry fee back if you’re already signed up).  We’ll also send you some Mongol Rally stickers to slap on your chosen steed.

You’ll also get your name on a rather splendid Mongol Rally X Trophy and a place in the Hall of Rally Legends Fame.

All you have to do is post about your trip using the hashtag #mongolrallyx and send us a winning photo of you and your steed in the most ridiculous place you can get to.


The Rules

We don’t dwell on rules here at Adventurists Towers, but for the Mongol Rally X there are some:

  • Cars – 1ltr (or less)
  • Motorcycles – 125cc (or less)
  • Don’t be a dick & stick to your country’s Covid-19 regs
  • Put Mongol Rally X stickers on youR car or bike
  • Post frantically about your Mongol Rally X using #mongolrallyx
  • Send us a photo of your vehicle somewhere ridiculous

That is all.


Registration Open Now

If you fancy actually leaving your front door for a sniff of adventure then you should sign up and get yourself somewhere stupid.  It’s free to enter you can set off any time from 1st August to 31st August to be in with a chance of winning.

We’ll be taking our own tiny steed somewhere ridiculous on August 1st. If it’s more ridiculous than the rest of you, we might just give the winning prize to ourselves.