Sally Conway

Call Sign: SC

Sally has always had a passion for adventure and horses are one of the greatest joys in her life. She's grown up mustering cattle.


Kelsey Eliot

Call Sign: KE

Kelsey has been a trail rider since she was about eight, took up arena Polo three years ago, guided trail rides in Iceland, and recently began endurance.


Katie Angus

Call Sign: KA

Katie has have been riding all her life, competing in dressage, showjumping and eventing. Now working at a small riding school and trekking centre.


Sam Franklin

Call Sign: SF

Started riding horses at a young age at summer camp. Certified Wrangler with the Dude Ranch Association.


Elise Stables

Call Sign: ES

Started riding when she was 2 years old. Sixteen years later she have competed through all disciplines. Show jumping and racing are her passions.


Abbi Bell

Call Sign: AB

Has been riding horses since she was 5. She comes from a background of mixed discipline training and has experience in breeding sport horses.


Linda Van Gorkum

Call Sign: LG

Has been riding since she was 9 and competing in endurance for 2 years. She loves adventure and doing the impossible.


Katie Hasse

Call Sign: KH

An upper level event rider and USDF bronze and silver medalist who has also made appearances in the hunter/jumper rings. Has been riding since she was 7.


Jacqueline Knöpfel

Call Sign: JK

Rode her Icelandic horses over 700 km from Switzerland to Germany. Became a mother and wants to use the last of her maternity leave to complete the derby.


Alanna Watt

Call Sign: AW

Alanna has been riding since she was 6. She is taking part for the excitement, atmosphere, culture, freedom, immense views & of course to win the Derby.


Naomi Cheyenne Carmen Candide Crombeem

Call Sign: NC

Has been around horses since she was a child, Naomi has tried out most disciplines, from dressage, western to jumping and liberty. Also breeds Haflinger horses.


Frank Winters

Call Sign: FW

Grew up on ranches, riding before he could walk. Went to college on a rodeo scholarship. Has broken & trained hundreds of horses.


Rachel Roman

Call Sign: RRO

Been riding all her life. Has competed in show jumping and eventing but now focuses on Dressage. Horses, the environment, and adventure are her greatest passions.


Patti Long

Call Sign: PL

Currently a whipper-in for South Creek Foxhounds and accomplished multi-discipline rider. Patti was raised on a cattle ranch and will be riding for Moffitt Cancer.


Justine Hales

Call Sign: JH

Ridden since 3. Has done showing, eventing and hunting. Has been racing since 19. Currently educates thoroughbreds at a pre training farm in the dressage.

Julia Conway

Call Sign: JC

Currently in South Africa, works in the thoroughbred industry riding all English disciplines. She looks forward to the adventure that the Derby will bring.


Holly Rivett

Call Sign: HR

From west Scotland, Holly has dreamt of competing in the Mongol Derby for six years. She’s delighted to get the chance to test her skills on the steppe


Zsófi Homor

Call Sign: ZH

Zsófi's been around horses since she could walk and claims she's happiest when on a horse. The Derby seemed like a good opportunity to put this to the test.


Benjamin Materna

Call Sign: BM

He's been riding endurance for about 5 years now and loves it. He’s riding the derby to explore the massive growth opportunity of the challenges it presents.


Esther Leenen

Call Sign: EL

Riding since 9 years old. Endurance since 98. Finding the best way to present your horse to the vet check ‘fit to continue’ is always her goal.


Francis Delaey

Call Sign: FD

Having recently retired his four legged friend, he was in desperate need of a new equestrian adventure and could not resist the calling of the Mongolian steppes.


Anne Binnendijk

Call Sign: ASB

Did multiple disciplines at riding school before settling into classical dressage. Recently started in horseback archery and this is a new found love to grow.


Erin Nagle

Call Sign: EN

Has been riding every horse she can get her hands on for as long as she can remember. The Derby will be an excellent test of her horsemanship and character.


Rendel Rieckmann

Call Sign: RR

Lets see if the 20 years of horse riding experiences on all sorts of continents and mainly dressage and showjumping are enough for a happy ending.


Molly Pearson

Call Sign: MP

Been riding since her mom was pregnant with her. She used to do handstands on horses in full body spandex, and thought she'd get into endurance riding the derby.


Annette Kriller

Call Sign: AK

Wants to cross that finish line in a decent time and re-experience the mighty Mongolian horses, gentle people and overwhelming landscape.


Vasin Govender

Call Sign: VG

The idea of the Derby, started a year ago on an extreme trail ride of 7 days and climbing 9000 metres in wild mountains of Lesotho.


Linda Vegher

Call Sign: LV

Lives for new adventures, partnered with majestic horses. This experience is all about self awareness & heightened discovery.


Sampie Mokoakoe

Call Sign: SM

Works at Moolmanshoek Private Game Reserve for 6 years as a horse trainer. Assists in guiding Extreme Horse Trials in Lesotho.


Wiesman Nels

Call Sign: WN

In it to challenge his passion for extremes and horsemanship. His mission is to do this with some passion, some compassion, humour and style.


Sam Chisholm

Call Sign: SCH

Helicopter pilot who grew up riding on a cattle station in the Northern Territories. Has ridden a motorbike from Argentina to Alaska and done the Mongol Rally.


Jesse Byrne

Call Sign: JB

Has been working in the racing industry, riding work and breaking-in lots of young racehorses since he left school. Hoping to be one of the first to finish.


Lucinda Kyle

Call Sign: LK

Bought an ex-racehorse and a saddle at 15. “I ate dirt a lot,” Spent the last 5 years on cattle stations as a ringer and breaking in/ training her own horses.


Sarah Brown

Call Sign: SB

Spent her teenage years competing and working in many equestrian disciplines. She has looked after thoroughbred horses the world over.


Margreet Voermans

Call Sign: MV

Margreet started riding when she was four years old and competed in dressage and jumping until she went to university. Moved to Colombia and started playing polo


Aly Van Der Meulen

Call Sign: AM

Has traveled the world working with horses, mostly as a trail guide in South Africa, the USA and Iceland. She has her own horse travel agency.


Michael Field

Call Sign: MF

Has hunted a lot in the UK and Ireland. Mike now lives in The Netherlands where he competes at low-level dressage, show jumping and eventing competitions.


Taggert VinZant

Call Sign: TV

Been riding as long as walking, hasn’t been far from a horse’s back since he was three. From barrel-racing to eventing and training race horses


Ella Mildon

Call Sign: EM

Has spent 10 years in the eventing world and sitting on countless types of horses - from rescues, to ponies, to imported warmbloods.


Robert Long

Call Sign: RL

The oldest competitor in this year’s Mongol Derby, Robert says that horses have driven his entire life. He started on ponies, and then broncs and later mules.


Catherine Kennedy

Call Sign: CK

Riding horses since she was five. Currently competes in eventing, Catherine also has experience in reining, cutting, western pleasure and hunter/jumpers.


Ava Drake

Call Sign: AD

I have ridden all over the world and am now currently training in trick riding. I love to test my strength and prove that anything is possible


Ahmed AlGhurair

Call Sign: AA

has been playing polo and riding for the past 10 years. He loves adventure and all things outdoors. He is doing this ride to inspire his son to be adventurous.

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