The only official training camp for the Mongol Derby

The Training Camp

The training camp is designed to give you the skills you need to compete in the Mongol Derby.

Over four days, riders will learn about each major aspect the famous race, culminating in a long distance ride equivalent to a 30km leg of the race itself. It will be led by Maggie Pattinson who carries a decade of experience as a senior member of Mongol Derby race crew.

The camp will stand alone as a unique equine training experience for anyone who wants to experience Mongolian culture, the incredible semi-wild horses and a leg of the race in a controlled environment.

For riders signed up for 2019 or 2020 it’s the perfect training, designed specifically to give you the skills and insight you need for a successful finish. Maybe even the edge you need to challenge for leaderboard places.

Maggie Pattinson

The training camp is run by Maggie Pattinson. Aside from being Chef d’Equipe of the England home international endurance squad, Maggie has been Event Manager and Race Referee on the Mongol Derby for the last 10 years.

Maggie has a lifetime’s equestrian experience from dressage to racing; having ridden, crewed and trained at international level. More significantly she’s been involved in endurance riding for about 20 years.

The Syllabus

This will be a comprehensive but massively enjoyable training course, designed to give you everything you need to get the competitive edge on the Mongol Derby.

Before you start the Derby you’ll already know how to change horses, you’ll know what to expect on the first leg and understand the terrain, the horses and the culture. Which means when the start gun fires, you can focus on the race itself.

  • Mongolian culture – learn the etiquette of Mongolian culture, customs on the steppe and in relation to horses. 
  • Handling the mighty Mongolian horse
  • Riding the Mongolian horse
  • Changing horses at the ‘morin urtuus’ – Mongolian for horse station.
  • Camping out and hobbling your horse on the steppe
  • Navigation skills
  • How to use your equipment to maximise performance

The Schedule

After a transfer to the Mongol Derby start camp on the steppe from Ulaanbaatar the training starts straight away with a half day orientation. Three full days follow starting at 8am and finishing around 5pm as well as evening activities on most nights. A final half day session is followed by a transfer back to Ulaanbaatar.

Saturday 27th July:
Arrival into UB for early departure morning of 28th

Sunday 28th July:

Early transfer from UB to start camp for orientation on site and half day of training

29th July to 31st July:

Three full days of training

Thursday 1st August:

Morning half day training session followed by afternoon transfer back to UB

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