2020 Jun 29 to 2020 Jul 09

What's included?

Entry fee for one boat (three people)

The Boats
Boats like you’ve likely never seen or sailed before. Ngalawas are hewn from time itself. We’ll provide you with your very own boat, and hopefully equip you with all the skills you’ll need to keep it afloat and pointing towards the finish line.

The Support
A dedicated team of experts to teach you about your boats. Manned race boats to pick you up in case of a real emergency. Satellite trackers and an experienced and committed race crew to ensure the race is run fairly and smoothly. A massive cast of supporters & interpreters with piles of technology, medicine and patience they need to ensure you have best experience possible.

Pre-race Training
Three days of medical briefings, craft briefings, technical training, and sailing practice, both on the water and in the classroom.

The Course
A 500km mapped-out course with designated checkpoints covering Kilwa, Tanzania – Ibo Island, Mozambique. A start line camp for training, a party and launch ceremony. A finish line for the dramatic conclusion and necessary back-slapping and rum imbibing.

Tech & Knowledge
Use of a tracking device so your followers back home and the race crew know where you are and an online blog where you can shout about what you are doing. Expertise from Kraken HQ and our sailing experts in the lead up to the Kraken.

Launch the Guide