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Meet the teams who took on The Kraken Cup 2019

Meet the teams of 2019

  • Unsalted Nuts

    Heather, Greg & Homer

    Skipper Heather says this was all her terrible idea. It apparently only took her a year and a half to find the right madmen to join her for the trip.

  • Gybe Turkeys

    Rob, Steve & Sarah

    A bunch of turkeys (non-water birds), floating in the Indian Ocean, attempting to gybe...ready to take on the Kraken with ease, finesse and cool.

  • Matlai

    Roland, Christian & Paul

    “Matlai” means the first wind in the morning. A very special moment for the Zanzibari fisherman when their sails get filled with life.

  • Out Of Our Depth

    Dan (pictured), Jed & Ollie

    We are getting pretty terrified the closer we get and the more we read the FB page. We expect to get wet, to get awful rashes and to get very very sunburnt.

  • Southern Exposure

    Allyson (pictured), Gabe & Keith

    Three native Vermont kids. We're bringing our "sail it if you can" attitude to the Southern Hemisphere for the Kraken Cup 2019.

  • This Is A Wind Up

    Thomas, Juan-Pablo & Sarah

    3 ex-colleagues, now best of friends with a common passion for adventure and passion to win (the prize for having the most fun).