Compulsory items

  • Life jacket
  • Compass 
  • Mobile phone 
  • AA lithium batteries
  • Passport
  • 10 000 mAh power pack

Beyond this list, you can pack what you want. We'll give you this to get you started. 


A knife
Waterproof fire lighter
Something to sleep in and on
Warm dry clothes for the evenings  
Insect repellent
Shoes to walk on prickly coral
A hat
Another hat
Cord or rope to tie everything into your boat.
You could pack a tent but you could also get away with a mosquito net and a hammock.

A word on power packs from Race Chief, Dylan:

"Power pack needs to be kept in 100% sealed, waterproof bag/container, triple sealed if need be. 

The tracker if fully charged will last a full day so no need to charge it while at sea. 

We provide small solar panel charging devices that can be used to charge your power pack or your tracker directly. Bear in mind that most daylight hours will be spent at sea so make use of every opportunity to change your power pack and your tracker. 

I use a 10 000mA power pack that charges the tracker 3 times over if fully charged itself."

How to pack

This is the perfect place to test dry bags. We are still looking for the real McCoy.

There are a few tips and tricks like keeping some air inside the bag to create an outward pressure; double lining; cling wrapping; condoms; etc. Probably a good idea to test your choice in the bath before trying it in the drink. 

You can buy the basics in Tanzania but don’t expect to get kitted out in high tech gear on Pemba Island. The markets will hook you up with all the cooking pots and straw hats you need, but beyond that, better bring it yourself. 


The Swahili people are fantastically helpful and welcoming. Learning a few words in Kiswahili will go a long way to getting the help and spares you need to fix your boat.

The coastline has a mostly Muslim following and it’s polite to respect their customs. When interacting with locals it’s best to cover your shoulders and to wear shoes. Shake hands and eat with your right hand.

Filming Tips

Bringing a GoPro? Make sure whatever you intend recording your race on is 100% waterproof. Think about mounting options and charging your batteries.

Best to shoot in 1080 or higher at 25fps.