The Adventurists Annual Conference

This is it. Your chance to rub shoulders with the cream of the adventuring elite - plus that unshaven bloke you bumped into in Kazakhstan that smelled of vinegar. A night filled with more fun and frivolity than an excited teenager's pants.

This masterpiece of a night promises to entertain and enthrall you. You shall be treated like the royalty you are. There'll be some incredible musicians, a three-course sit down dinner, initiations into the Hall of Adventuring Legend, a generous gin reception and a showcase of some brand new videos. The crescendo of the night shall be the big reveal of, and exclusive chance to sign up to Adventure 11.

Black tie is absolutely necessary on this evening. We wouldn't want you dribbling your gin on anything less than the finest cummerbund or sequins. Besides, Plaisterer's Hall is a classy place, you should be grateful they're letting us in at all. As well as the gin reception there'll be a fair few free drinks too - the number of which depends entirely on how much we like you. Want in? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this all the way to the end.

We look forward to seeing you there. 


*** The Conference is now SOLD OUT***

Better luck next year.


1830 - Heavy handed gin reception
1930 - 3 course dinner
2100 - Conference commences
2200 - Enforced merriment
0100 - Bar closes
0130 - Carriages


‘Never have so many glorious pith helmets, flying goggles and jodhpurs gathered in one space to celebrate the spirit of Adventurism. Swinging from chandeliers met swinging hips, all doused in a good measure of gin. I emerged sweaty, hungover and yearning for exploration’
— Dom
‘Tha AAC was utterly marvellous. It felt as if I had been transported into a magical kingdom full of delights and tales of wonder. Quite possibly the best fun I’ve had on acid all year’
— Felix
‘A raucous evening filled with tales of derring do, dumb but irresistible ideas and cossack dancing’
— Charlie
A night like no other! What a fantastic opportunity to meet and mingle with all those likeminded souls to deliberate on adventures past, present and future. Extravagant food, fantastic music and captivating speakers that are guaranteed to excite your traveling minds made this night one of the highlights of my 2016 and I can’t wait to do it all again! Much love to the Adventurists Family! Never failing to make this world a much more exciting place!
— Pav
‘I did the worm and my boob fell out...though I don’t remember this’
— Amanda