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The Adventurists Annual Conference


The Conference is the highlight of the adventuring year. The chance to meet with like-minded fools, dress up in all our finery and talk about adventure. This is where we make ill-advised plans, that we are obliged to commit to. 

That collision course of adventuring disaster starts at the top. Adventurists founder Mr Tom will announce his next Adventure plan, which he and other attendees will inevitably have to see through to the farcical end. Last year saw the reveal of the Cluster Balooning adventure which saw Mr Tom strapped to a camping chair flying over Africa last year.

Carrying on from the US Convention in Chicago, we're having a full programme of events. Film screenings, a massive gin reception, a chance to roar around off-road on a monkey bike, a paramotor fly-in and tandem flights, immersive experiences (whatever the fuck they are), The Adventurists Training Camp and what is technically known as a 'shitload' more.


8th - 10th June

8th   - Adventure trials and Adventurists Film screening
9th   - Adventure training academy and the main Conference
10th - A hearty breakfast to fend off hangovers and carry you home



North Cadbury Court, Somerset

For our first two-day conference we wanted something gargantuan. North Cadbury Court is just about the right level of slack-jawed awesome we were after.

This place has its own casino, its own rave cave, its own boating lake, its own motocross track and a 9 hole golf course with a first tee off the roof. Yep, this'll do nicely. 


What you get for your money?

  • The Conference - the one time in the year where the very cutting edge of stupidity chops stuff up into little pieces. Find out what's happened over the last year and see what disasters are in store for the year ahead.
  • The awards for the years greatest achievements are bestowed.
  • Discover the shiniest piece of adventuring stupidity in the entire world and get a chance to sign up to it before anyone else knows it even exists.
  • First views of the Adventurists TV show with you plonkers in it.
  • The finished Cluster Balloon Film Premier.
  • Camping for the weekend.
  • Gin reception to melt your tiny brain.
  • Formal dinner on Saturday night. This is what black was invented for.
  • Adventure training workshops.
  • Adventure taster sessions including off-road monkey biking, tandem paramotor flights and a whole load more.
  • Fly-in permit for all you paramotor pilots.
  • And and and... loads of other stuff we're not telling you about just yet.

Limited advance tickets - £195

Further tickets £250

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TV Series Pre-Release Screening.

We've been filming almost everything you idiots do for nearly 2 years and making an absolute ton of TV shows. They are coming to a small screen near you at some point in the future but this will be the first chance to see this footage of adventuring chaos.

Balloonacy Premier

The tit that started The Adventurists (Mr Tom) is planning a party balloon race. He tried this out. Some people noticed. This is a film about the story behind the test run. Thankfully, things did not go at all according to plan.