We've been arsing around in India for more than 10 years.
It's time to go global. 

The Rickshaw Run has already spawned a hideously bastard offspring in the Rickshaw Run Himalaya. We thought it should probably start its Southernly migration, and up popped steamy Sri Lanka.

Bursting with wildlife, tropical beaches from an Instagrammers soggy fantasy, food to make you drool like a mastiff and super friendly locals. It's a holiday makers dream.

Thankfully, there also happens to be thousands of miles of back roads in the interior of the country that are aching for a rickshaw to show them who's boss. There's also shitloads of jungle for you to get utterly lost in. Physically at least.

This is the Rickshaw Run Sri Lanka.

The Pioneers edition is 5th - 12th May.

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