The Monkey Run Romania

Upon realising that Monkey Bikes are the new dawn of adventurism, we decided to flood the planet with tiny crappy Chinese motorcycles. Romania is next on the list.

Not only Does Romania have two of the best motoring roads in the world, the Transfaragasan and Transalpina, but also it has a huge network of off-road trails that run from one side of the country to the other, like Europe's biggest cross country dirtbike track.

We're sending a handful of foolhardy pioneers to test this new route in September 2017, if they come back with a decent fun to disaster ratio, the next edition will be launched shortly after.

The Bike

What this diminutive bundle of joy lacks in size, it more than makes up for in unadulterated pleasure.

  • It's close to the ground, so you don't have far to fall.
  • It's about the size of a rollerskate, though packs a mighty 50cc punch.
  • It's light, so when it inevitably breaks down it's easy to carry.
  • It's mechanically basic so a chimp could fix it.
  • They're more fun to ride than a tigger on speed. 

The Un-route

Starting somewhere in the far north and finishing near Constanta on the beach of the Black Sea,

The exact route is up to you, but it will likely take in the bear and wolf country of  the Carpathan mountains of Transylvania. Crossing in 800km of the wildest country Romania has to offer.

There's a party at the end, a bit of test driving at the start and in between you're on your own. Just the way it should be.

The Detaily bits

When: 22-29 July 2017
Where: Romania
How Much: £1200 per bike, which includes...

  • A mighty if diminutive bike to love.
  • The bike transported to the start line 
  • All the paperwork and bike insurance ready to go.
  • Test driving and advice pre-launch
  • A launch party to kill half your brain and a finish party to kill the other.
  • The most ridiculous week of adventuring chaos imaginable.


I've heard enough... sign me up for this micro-awesomeness

If you think you've got the prefect balance of brave and stupid you could be the perfect pioneer for the latest Monkey Run. Securing your place in Adventurist Folklore forever.