We knew Rickshaws were the perfect machine for adventure - Now let's see what they can really do

The Rickshaw Run is 10. And now its spawned a hideously mutated dangerous bastard offspring. All the gut-churning adventure but a mountain range more gnarly.

This is the Rickshaw Run Himalaya. One for the Adventuring purist, this is an adventure that will kick your arse, then laugh at you afterward.

It's not just taking a rickshaw over a bunch of 5,000 metre high mountain passes, but doing so knowing you're in a place where there are virtually no spares and few mechanics who even know what a rickshaw looks like.

Sounds perfect right?

Probably. Just to be sure, we're sending a crap team of Rickshaw Run veterans to test it next week. If they come back with more stories than horrific injuries, we'll open up the adventure to the world.