The Romanian Un-route

Lost is where you want to be and there are miles of tracks across Romania to get lost in. Some of them will go where you're trying to go, all of them will lead somewhere interesting.

What's the point of knowing where you're going?

Our recce began from Turda, near the Merry Cemetery and wended its way to the hedonistic sands of the Black Sea. In between there are thousands of miles of dirt track, covering the country like varicose veins over the legs of an obese chain smoker. If that doesn't conjure up a sexy mental image nothing will.

The Carpathian Mountains

Height: 2,500 m
Area: 190,000 km2

The Transylvanian Forests

Size: 100,000 km2
Beware of: Bears, bats, wolves, vampires, clichés