The Mighty Peruvian Un-route

There is no point having a set route and a detailed itinerary of where you'll be each night. That's not an adventure, that's the sort of hand-holding best reserved for small children who might run out in front of cars on a busy road. Adventure is when you choose your own route. Not only do you get more out of it when (if) you finally arrive. But also, the bits when you find you've spent two days going in the wrong direction are usually the best bits.

Day 4 and on the last few bends we were on the edge of the Andes looking out across the Amazon Basin, jungle reaching as far as the horizon. I nearly wept.
— Mr Joolz

What's the point of knowing where you're going?

Well, to buy flights we suppose it helps to know the start and finish, so in that respect the Monkey Run Peru shall start in Ayacucho and finish in Atalaya. In between? Well, that's up to you.

The Andes Mountains

Height: 6,962 m
Area: 3.371 million square km (plenty of space to get lost in)

The Amazon Basin

Size: 5.5 million square km
Insect species: 2.5 million
Annual rainfall: 2250 mm