Where in the world?

These mountains are so big they remind you of just how insignificant you are. Fortunately once you conquer them in a rickshaw you can redress that balance.

The Himalayas are truly the final frontier for a rickshaw. The hills are steep, the terrain is rough and there's not a rickshaw mechanic for hundreds of miles. The views aren't bad either.


Shimla, Himachal Pradesh (2276m)
You can get here by flight or overnight bus from Delhi


Leh, Jammu & Kashmir (3,500m)
There are numerous daily flights back to Delhi


The 'roads' from Shimla to Leh are open from June to September, when the route isn't blocked by snow, landslides, animals or accident wreckage. The highest point is the Tanglang La pass which is a rather lofty 5,328 metres.

Next filling station 365 km ahead.

Next filling station 365 km ahead.

They say up here you’re closer to heaven. Let’s not tempt fate though eh?
— Mr Matt