The Un-route

There is no point having a set route and a detailed itinerary of where you'll be each night. That's not an adventure, that's the sort of hand-holding best reserved for small children who might run out in front of cars on a busy road. Adventure is when you choose your own route. Not only do you get more out of it when (if) you finally arrive. But also, the bits when you find you've spent two days going in the wrong direction are usually the best bits.

What's the point of knowing where you're going?

The pioneer edition of Adventure 10 will begin in Eastern Morocco and will end about 1750 km to the west. Depending on what happens on the pioneer run, the first edition will do something more or less the same.

The route will depend on where the pioneers choose to go, but will likely include parts of the High Atlas and Anti Atlas ranges as well as the sand dunes, rocky planes and salt flats of the Sahara Desert.

The Atlas Mountains

Height: 4,000m
Age: 66 million years(ish)

The Sahara Desert

Size: 9 million Km2
Average temp: 40c
Annual rainfall: 100mm