The Dates

28th December 2015

We’ll be having a cheeky get-together at the Misali Sunset Beach for crews that have arrived on Pemba. Turn up at 4pm onwards.

29th December 2015

An optional day of training and boat pimping.

We’ll take the boats out to get a feel for the rigging and balancing in the bay and you can splash some paint on the sail and the bow to make it pretty.

30th December 2015 - Compulsory Training day 1 

The morning is a classroom session covering tracking, safety and navigation.

The practical will start with a swim test, sailing basics and capsize drill followed by a mini regatta down to Mkoani

In the evening you’ll have time to pick our brains and check your pulse.

31st December 2015 - Compulsory Training Day 2. 

Channel crossing to Zanzibar.

It’s your final training day so your local skipper will be there to hold your hand all the way. An early start is always in your favour so have your kit ready.

Tonight we celebrate the arrival of the year 2016 at Gerry’s bar in Nungwi. A new years eve for the record books.

1st January 2016 - The race begins

Hold on to your belts. You’ll start the day on on the beach waiting for the signal to heave your boats into the ocean. You’ll be horrendously hungover.

At 7:30 crews are lining their ngalawas up before the start bouys. 8am start horn blasts.

You are now on your own across the next 280nm of Indian Ocean.

9th January 2016 - The race ends

A celebration in true nautical style on Kisiwani island.