Marcus Deglos

You can follow Marcus on his live tracking page here

UK | 35 | IT Geek

Marcus' first real adventure started with a bang in 1997, with a 6 week expedition to the Greenland glacier with the BSES.

In 2004, he ducked out of an IT career to go adventuring, and spent the next two and a bit years teaching all sorts of outdoor activities, from sailing to scuba-diving, kayaking to climbing. In 2007 he realised just how expensive the next level of outdoor kit would be, so went back to a proper job driving a desk in order to fund it. These days, Marcus mixes IT geekery with outdoor idiocy, and has no intention of stopping. 

Before signing up to the Icarus he was a skydiver: "A motor can only make it easier right?"

I’m here for the race. The glory. The sheer batshit stupidity of it all. An opportunity for lunacy with like-minded lunatics.

I want to paint the motor-blades Rosso Corsa to match my car, because that will make it fly faster, so I’ve got time to reach the finish line, open a bottle of gin and toast those who come second.
— Marcus