Don McLester

You can follow Don on his live tracking page here

USA | 52 | IT Tech

Donald McLester is one of the oldest contestant to attempt the Icarus race.  Having managed to cross the finish line on two Mongol Rallies, as well as the Mototaxi Junket it only seemed fitting to attempt to fly across a distance greater than the combined length and width of the country that created them.

Don used to be a successful but unfulfilled businessman before his lady wife gave him the keys to a boat and told him to sort himself out before she had to do it for him. He's not looked back since.

I proudly include on my aerial resume that I have flown a number of jets as well as a helicopter and several smaller planes. Always as a passenger enjoying cocktails and treats while others did the heavy lifting of getting them off the ground and to the proper destination and a proper landing.