Jamie Fowler

You can follow Jamie on his live tracking page here

UK | 29 | Property Manager

Jamie describes himself as an urban climber and has conquered the likes of Battersea Power Station and Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. Family, friends and a long suffering girlfriend have tried in vain to hold him back from his pursuit of glory. He claims it was only a matter of time before he took to the skies and the Icarus Trophy came along at the right moment.

He picked up paramotoring for the race and he's been training with Alex Anderson at Footflights Paramotoring. Jamie and his teammate Toby Osborne are flying as The Monmouth Boys. They are hell-bent on pushing their machines and bodies to the absolute extreme.

When he’s not chucking himself around at few thousand feet, you’ll find him smashing a few jars while watching his beloved Scotland Rugby team during the Rugby World Cup 2015. 

A special thanks to Alex at Footflights. Without you, myself and Toby would have had to spend the weekends taking the girlfriends to Taylor Swift concerts and the like.
— Jamie