Ben Ingram

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UK | 40

Growing up in the Australian outback provided Ben access to an abundance of chemicals and explosives, coupled with a relative lack of supervision.  He blames this for his frequent disregard for danger, obstacles and often, reason. 

He plans to draw on memories of multiple motorbike jaunts to guide him through this adventure. When we asked him about his flying experience, he told us about falling off a garden shed roof aged 22. 

He claims he has proven repeatedly he makes a very unwise if entertaining choice as a partner in business, adventure or relationships.  

To prepare for the Icarus Trophy he has been training with Skyschool in Wiltshire and Spain. 

Why am I doing the Icarus Trophy? Great excuse for a month off work.

I have no basis to think I can complete this air-race, which makes me confident I’m absolutely a contender.
— Ben