Toby Osborne

You can follow Toby on his live tracking page here

UK | 29 | Solicitor

A veteran of the Rickshaw Run from way back in 2008, Toby still gets our jibber updates. When the Icarus Trophy video came in, he was sat in his office. It was 8 o'clock at night. He decided he needed something to look forward to. He reckons he's been resting on his adventure laurels a little since his trip to North Korea. 

Toby is the other half of the Monmouth Boys. When we asked him how he his flying skills compare with Jamie's, and he claims they are pretty evenly matched: "He's better at taking off, but I'm pretty confident that I'll finish it before him." Only time will tell, Toby. And we'll all be watching. 

He's been training for the Icarus with Foot Flights Paramotors. 

We’ll be supporting each other, but it’s pretty cut throat. If someone breaks down, the other one will definitely be leaving.
— Toby

Toby will be flying with Jamie Fowler. They've styled themselves the Monmouth Boys. When he heard the name, Toby asked us if it could be changed. It's in print now Toby.