The Pilots

The Icarus Trophy is a 2 week unsupported air race on Paramotors. It's the first air race of it's kind.

These are our Pioneers:

ky ahmad.jpg

Karim Ahmad

UK | 42 | Doctor

A Rickshaw Run veteran. He discovered paramotoring after watching our Icarus Trophy video. This, he claims, was the reason he was born. 

James Borges - Team Wing It

UK | 35 | Company Director

Flying with a paramotor for a year, he is also an experienced windsurfer and sailor. 


Matthew Crackett - Team Wing It

UK | 42 | Barber


Marcus Deglos.jpeg

Marcus Delgos

UK | 35 | IT Geek

Mongol Rally veteran and adventurer, Marcus was a skydiver who has picked up Paramotoring for the Trophy. 


James Dick

Canada | 58

A Clipper Round the World alum from 2014.  The Chief Engineer on the Henri Lloyd Team, they won the race. Apparently the Trophy is the "next logical step." 

Kristan Fischer - Team Paradrenalin

Australia | 28 | Outdoor Education Instructor

Veteran of the Mototaxi Junket and a pioneer Ice Runner.  He's training with World Champion PPG pilot Ryan Shaw from Paradrenalin.


James Fowler

UK | 29 | Event Manager


Bobby Frankham

UK | 49 | Painter

At the time of sign up, Bobby had five years experience paramotoring. He has also taken to the skies in a one man balloon and an Only Fools and Horses Reliant Rialto. 

edward hamilton.jpg

Edward Hamilton

UK | 28 | Trader

Goaded into applying by his friend and teammate Harrison Waugh, Edward is about to move to Switzerland where paramotoring is illegal. Until then, he has been training hard with Skyschool. 

Hank Haringsma 

USA | 33 | Cancer Research Scientist

He has grown up with tales of his uncles aviation exploits and now Hank feels it's his turn. If only he wasn't a bit uncomfortable with heights. 

sylvan hoover.png

Sylvan Hoover

USA | 26

Mongol Rally veteran and experienced traveller, Sylvan is returning to the stamping ground of his childhood to compete in the Icarus.  


Adventurists HQ - Mr Tom

UK | 36 | Founder of The Adventurists and The Icarus Trophy

There are few words that would adequately describe Mr Tom. Nuts is one contender. 

Ben Ingram

UK | 40

An experienced motorcyclist who grew up in the Australian Outback. Trained by Skyschool.


Bob Jackson

UK | 27

A Mongol Rally 2013 Veteran who describes himself as a "whisky drinker, hard rocker and adrenaline junky."

Byron Leisek

UK | 36 | Instructor at Team Fly Halo

 A Paramotorist since 2005, he loved it so much he co-founded Team Fly Halo. He claims to have coined the phrase 'Para-Camping." He'll be flying with Ryan Southwell. 

claire mackay.jpg

Claire Mackay

Australia | 33

In June 2015 Claire couldn't drive or fly. She's just completed the 10 000 mile Mongol Rally in a Bedford Van and the Icarus Trophy is next. 

Alessandro Mara

Italy | 32 | Engineer

He likes speed riding and paragliding but when he signed up, claimed to have little experience of anything that doesn't come with a hill to jump off. 

Don McLester

USA | 52 | IT Tech

A Two-time Mongol Rally and Mototaxi Junket veteran, Don's ready to be a Adventurists pioneer.

Rebecca Müller

Switzerland | 30

She's got three years paragliding experience and is confident she can build on these skills to make it to the finish line in time for the party. 


Tobias Osborne

UK | 29 | Solicitor

A Rickshaw Run Veteran from 2008, he just qualified as a solicitor and wants to do something "different and, if possible, batshit crazy."


Howard Raw

UK | 34

Howard plans on packing  "a toothbrush, bank card and a flack jacket" and is confident he'll have everything he needs.  


Ryan Shaw

USA | 35

A regular pilot who loves paramotors and base jumping. 

Ryan Southwell

USA | 40

A Paramotorist for 3 years and experienced adventurer. Ryan completed his advanced training in 2014. He was trained by Shane Denherder. 

Hans Sprecher 

USA | 29 | Software Engineer

He has completed the Mongol Rally and sailed across Seattle's largest lake in a bathtub. Now he's decided to take on the Icarus. 


Jason Taylor - Team Wing It

UK | 32 | Carpenter



David Wainwright 

UK | 32


rupert wallace.jpg

Rupert Wallace

UK | 31

A former Royal Navy Pilot turned property developer. He hopes to "have a ruddy awesome time and come back with all limbs attached please."

Harrison Waugh

UK | 28

Harrison describes himself as a 'steadfast outdoorsman' although Paramotoring was new to him when he signed up. He'll be flying with Edward Hamilton. 

Bryan West.jpg

Bryan West

USA | 34

A Paramotor enthusiast and USPPA rated instructor.