Pryamo Pryamo Mongol Rally Video


Pryamo Pryamo Mongol Rally Video

Last year we spotted a Mongol Rally trailer by Javier from team Restaurante la Yerbita which was a little bit more than the usual hastily thrown together wobbly shots out of the window put to some dodgy music and we were keen to see how it would progress. After a year of editing their final video is finally ready and it doesn't disappoint.

It's not easy putting together a film of the Rally, many teams get too caught up in the Rally itself and find shooting it too much to bear, other teams shoot mountains of footage but either realise it's not particularly interesting or that they don't have the time or energy to edit it. If you've ever thought seriously about shooting your adventure and making something at the end of it worth sharing you should probably watch this.


Biggest Rickshaw Run ever launches - 79 teams take on Day 1


Biggest Rickshaw Run ever launches - 79 teams take on Day 1

"Holy shit. Just, holy shit. Driving a rickshaw in India, hell yes!!! What a day."

 Team Brains Trust rather enjoyed their first day on the road. And they weren't the only ones. Despite strikes, petrol shortages, losing the traditional game of football against the locals on penalties and some pretty crap weather, the team updates on Day 1 confirm another storming launch took place today in Shillong, north east India. 

Back over to Team Brains Trust for more:

"[There is] too much to talk about. Epic kick off from Shillong, absolute madness.

"Glen ignoring the detour sign and making his own road, truck spraying exhaust fumes all over us, overtaking downhill, ran over a baby cobra (says glen), epic pot holes, rain, feeling like royalty, a guy almost running us into an off ramp trying to get us to pull over, driving the wrong way up a one way street and chucking a u-bolt to make a quick getaway and many more.

 "This. Is. INCREDIBLE!!!!! Just checked in to a hotel in Gauhati. Best day."

79 teams gathered in the Meghalayan hill station tucked up in the far corner of India beyond Bangladesh on Wednesday. Over the last few days the biggest ever field of runners have worked out how to drive their 'shaws, pimped up their machines and partied hard. On Sunday morning the President of the Press Club of Shillong waved the flag and the chaos began. 

"So after drinking from a shoe at midnight," wrote Team We Got the Runs on their blog, "we finally left Shillong in a convoy of the most luminous shaws you are ever likely to see, complete with police escort...for the locals protection."

 Team Maple Tuks, who are aiming to cover 200km a day, posted this description of their first 24 hours:

"Since Shillong sits atop of a mountain, the only way out is down. The drive through the mountain was incredible. The weavy, pot hole ridden roads combined with the scenary made for one incredible drive. Farshid handled that tuk like a pro, whilst Alex didnt know how to get it moving. But progress was made none the less. A hundred km in, we are staying at a hotel in a town called Guwahati.  

"Breakdown update: so far, our windshield wiper is as effective as a bikini in a snow storm. Oh yah, and some really thick white smoke started coming out of the exhaust by the end of the day. Hopefully thats just us not being able to mix oil proportions properly."

 The Ring Punchers continued a running theme of multiple exclamation marks seen in many of the updates: 

"Its epic....EPIC!!! Chesire cat grin for hours with Indian kids running around waving at us! Drive by hi-fives...all the works!! More to come but this is only the beginning!"

Most of the teams made it as far as Guwuhati, including Team Mad Dogs who covered 85km in 6 hours and summed up their progress so far with a bullet point report covering the emotional and mechanical rollercoaster of adventurism:

"Noteworthy events today:

 - The grand start parade.

- Ben's nervous breakdown and subsequent tantrum.

- Jackson's ejection of a small child from our rickshaw. While moving.

- Everyone being a back seat driver.

- Our first breakdown. (Ran out of fuel)

- Pushing a rickshaw uphill.

- Pushing rickshaw backwards down a highway.

- The gentleman driving the wrong way up a divided highway."

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Breakdowns & crashes on the Mongol Rally


Breakdowns & crashes on the Mongol Rally

You would have thought that with these modern cars the rally would be a whole lot safer. Maybe it's the cars causing all the trouble but perhaps it's the drivers - it seems this years mongol rally is filled with as many crashes and breakdowns as ever, here are just a few...