The When

The pioneering Himalayan Rickshaw Run, will run in September 2017. Ten expendable fools will test the route for danger and delight. If it scores highly on both aspects, we'll announce a second edition shortly after.

2nd September - Q&A
3rd September - Launch
9th September - Finish party

The How Much

The entry fee will be £1,645. At some point on the not too distant future we'll let you know what you get for that money but you get:
- A two person rickshaw, pimped to your own design with insurance and all the other necessary paperwork
- Test driving, launch party and finish party
- The honour of being one of literally only a handful of people who have ever even attempted something so daft.

The Dull, But Important Paperwork

Driving License - You need to have the right sort of licence to drive a rickshaw. Basically you need something that proves you can drive a rickshaw legally in your home country, as well as something that translates it into an easily recognisable format. For example in the UK you need a category 'A' driving license and the corresponding stamp in an International Driving Permit.

Indian Visa - Many nationalities can buy this in advance to pick up on the border. More information on how this works and if you can use it here.

Travel & Medical Insurance - You'll need appropriate travel insurance that covers you for exactly what you're doing and exactly where you're going. We wouldn't scrimp on this one, we might make light of the dangers in our writing, but they're very real.

Fuel, Food and Lodging

You - We mentioned this is a remote part of the world right? Because the roads between the start and finish line are shut for at least half the year, there are almost no permanent features on this terrain.

Not much has changed in this respect since the ancient trade routes passed through here on the way to China.

The main source of food and accommodation is the 'Dhaba' roadside eateries, often little more than a tent with a daybed.

Your Rickshaw - When we did our recce here in 2016 few locals had seen a rickshaw. While that doesn't mean they wouldn't be able to fix them, it does mean that spare parts are few and far between. 

Fuel stops will be very far apart. While you might be able to buy it by the bottle from passing locals you will almost definitely need a Jerry Can or three.