The next edition in April 2017 edition is sold out. You can sign up for January 2018 here. Until that sells out too. Which it will. Rather quickly based on the first couple of editions. 

The Main Guff

  • The entry fee is £1200 per person
  • The startline is nestled in the dunes of eastern Morocco in Merzouga
  • The finish is just before land gives way to the Atlantic Ocean. The exact location of the finish might move but your outbound airport will still be Marrakesh.
  • If you have a UK driving licence from pre-2002 you can drive a 50cc bike without a licence
  • In Morocco you can drive a bike up to 80cc without a licence
  • The bikes come with the legally required third party insurance so you can show some forms to the policemen at the checkpoints.
  • For many nationalities you can get a visa-on-arrival - double check yours before you go.

Getting there and back

  • The nearest international airport is Marrakesh - this is the best option in and out of Morocco.
  • There'll be a bus to the start line from Marrakesh and one back from the finish line to Marrakesh.

Fuel Food and Lodgings

  • Fuel is mostly available, but less so in the desert.
  • Likewise with food & water. You probably want to avoid tap-water, unless you enjoy defecating through the eye of a needle. 
  • Camping is the most versatile option for accommodation, but you'll find a fair few Pensions in the towns & mountains.