The test run and pioneer edition are done. Edition 2 and 3 are sold out. 

For information about the next edition put your email address in the box to the right.

What we know

  • Entry will cost £1200 per person
  • The start will be in Eastern Morocco
  • The finish will be in Western Morocco
  • If you have a UK driving licence from pre-2002 you can drive a 50cc bike without a licence
  • In Morocco you can drive a bike up to 80cc without a licence
  • For the UK you can get a visa-on-arrival
  • You can get a bus or taxi from the airport to the start line

What we think we might know

  • The nearest international airport is Marrakesh, this might change if we move the start line a lot
  • You can catch a bus (or taxi) to the start line

What we know we don't know

  • The start and finish line of the January edition
  • Whether or not the monkey bikes will make it. That's what makes it an adventure, right?

Fuel Food and Lodgings

Fuel is mostly available, but less so in the desert. Likewise with food & water. You probably want to avoid tap-water, unless you enjoy defecating through the eye of a needle. Camping is the most versatile option for accommodation, but you'll find a fair few Pensions in the towns & mountains.