There is one compulsory checkpoint. It's here:

We invaded Sven and Hannah's beach bar in the July edition. We could not have designed a better checkpoint location. 

Sven and Hannah have been prepping for us promise us cold beer and mouth-watering meals.

They have a few rooms, which if vacant you could check into and plenty of camping space to throw up a tent.


Penalty guide

Technical assistance from the Race HQ boats will attract a time penalty of a minimum of 1 hour.

Whingers will buy a round at the next port.

Crews sailing late will receive a 2x time penalty until 8pm. Sailing between 8 and 10pm will incur a 5hour penalty. Sailing after 10pm crews are face disqualification. 

Sailing before 6am will receive a penalty. 

Not adhering to tracking and messaging protocol will attract time penalties and disqualification if repeatedly disregarded.