Mongol Rally

10,000 miles of adventure driven in the car you nicked from your gran. Dirt tracks, wild deserts and mountains 
conquered in a 1 litre shitbox.

Rickshaw Run

Cross the Sub-continent in a 3 wheeled lawnmower powered tin can. The mightyish Auto rickshaw.

Mongol Derby

The longest and toughest horse race on the planet. 1000km on semi wild Mongolian horses.

Mototaxi Junket

Peru is a big place. The Andes, the Amazon. So why not mix it up with the worst vehicle ever invented?

World Cycle Race

If you want a bigger race, find a bigger planet. Just you, your legs and the entire planet to contend with.

Ice Run

Take a creaking Soviet motorbike and try to cross the world's largest frozen lake in the depth of Siberian winter.