Sign up for the Monkey Run

The Pioneers set forth in April 2016 and the Monkey Run was born. January 2017 edition is over and April 2017 are sold out. 

Panic not, January 2018 is open now. Until it sells out. Which it will. Probably quite fast. Here's the button to invite undersized chaos into your life:

What you get for your money

  • A month's worth of adventure crammed into a week
  • A slightly modified, tiny and magnificent monkey-bike. Yours for the duration of the run
  • All the necessary paperwork to ride said monkey-bike in a country you're not a resident of
  • A day of test-driving, followed by a reassuring/ terrifying Q&A
  • A start line party and a finish line party worthy of your adventure
  • A tracking device and website so your chums can follow you in envy
  • The bikes shipped to and from the finish line

What else you'll need

  • Helmet
  • Flights to/ from Morocco
  • Fuel, food and accommodation
  • Travel insurance that will cover you for this adventure
  • Depending on your country of origin, you might need a motorcycle license
  • A Fez