The Rules

The Race Committee reserves the right to change these rules before and during the race and it's decisions are final.

1.      There will be two categories, unassisted and assisted. You fall into the assisted category as soon as you accept a non-crew member onto your boat past the start line.

2.      You must sign in at the check point or be disqualified.

3.      Sailing is only permitted between 6am and 6:30pm.

4.  Please have a copy of Homer's Odyssey. Those of you who have read Homer will have an advantage. 

5.      You must adhere to tracking protocol.

6.      Life jackets are compulsory.

7.      Crews must adhere to weather warnings issued by the Race HQ and follow instructions.

8.      LED flares must be checked before launching each day and fastened onto the boat.

9.      Tracker must be attached to a member of the crew and checked to be functional before launching.

10.  No crew may remain on land when their boat has launched, without prior arrangement with race HQ.

11.  If a crew realises that they will not make landfall before sunset for any reason, they are to message the Race boat to communicate this. The Race boat will decide how to handle the situation and make contact with the crew.

12.  No crew or individual may launch if a race hold has been ordered – due to weather or any other reason.

13.  If a crew member retires from the race then the remaining crew are still eligible to continue with the race and will not receive any penalties for not being a full crew.

14.  If you merge crews or trade members then you fall into the assisted category.

15.  Crews receiving technical assistance from the Race boat will receive a penalty in addition to the time forfeited to repair the boat or equipment

16.  Any medical emergency will not be penalised but no extra time will be allocated to the crew for their misfortune

17.  Crews may make use of local knowledge regarding sailing, navigation and boat repairs.

18.  Crews may not use any motor driven equipment to propel their boat.

19.  Crews may not be towed by another vessel unless it is another Adventurist Ngalawa.

20.  Crews towed by the Race boats or other in the case of an emergency will be awarded the relevant penalty.

21.  Any sabotage to another boat will result in disqualification from the race

22.  Modification of the boats must be cleared by the race officials unless the modification is a repair

23.  Sailing time will be calculated if a race hold is placed while boats are still at sea, this will be at the discretion of the Race organisers

24.  Apart from the check-point crews may choose to stop on any landmass they choose (unless otherwise advised)

25.  Crews may sail as far as they choose within race times (6am-6:30pm)

26.  If the race field becomes too spread out for safety management then the Race organisers have the authority to place a hold on any crew.

27.   If a crew loses their tracking device or the device fails to operate then that crew must find another boat to sail in close proximity to in order to continue.

28.  Crews that endanger the reputation and/or safety of the race will be disqualified and not allowed to continue sailing.