We’ve an army of digital wizards who have lovingly crafted us a beautiful blogging and tracking system. Your friends and family will almost feel they’re stuck in the rickshaw with you - minus the smell of BO and Dal.

The link you need to be sharing with your friends, families and Indian supporters along the way is this one:

The place you need to go to share your adventure with the world is here:


You can either update directly from the blogging page above, or you can do so by mobile phone.

Step 1

You can register more than one sim per person and more than one sim per team, but you need to register each sim you try to use for updates (in India you will probably need to buy a new sim when you cross state lines).


The first step is to register your mobile which you can do via the dasboard - http://blogging.theadventurists.com.  You only need to do this once for each phone number.

The Rickshaw Run Logo

Should you wish to furnish your website or team t-shirts with our logo you can download one by clicking on the image below. You can also use the images on our Flickr and videos on Youtube to promote your adventure, but please remember to credit where possible.


To send your updates you use the same number:

Send your text updates to: +44 793 794 66 77

  1. Begin your text with TA, followed by a space
  2. Then enter your location written as: city, region, country followed by a colon then a space
  3. Then enter your message

Check that your update text looks like this (remember to include the spaces):

TA city, region, country: your update message

eg: TA Nagpur, Madhya Pradesh, India: I think we're really lost. Help!

Try to be as accurate as possible with your location if you don't add the region the tracking map might have to guess your location