Visas are an expensive pain in the arse. The details about the visas change every year, in fact the requirements for some countries change every day.

There is a rumour that India is about to introduce visa on arrival for 180 nations. This meant that you apply and pay in advance, but pick up your visa at the airport. Since the idea was launched in February they've gone a bit quiet so it's hard to say if the December change is still on schedule. Check at least a month before you travel what the visa requirement is.

Over the last 5 years with the Mongol Rally we've run a visa service which is frankly the cheapest, most advanced and best in the world. It's saved people literally days of queuing at visa counters. We've now opened this service to Rickshaw Runners, and can get Indian visas for you chaps regardless of nationality or residence. Have a look at the visa machine site for more info and drop our visa machinists a line if you have any questions.

Further Travels

Currently they are advertising visas for India and Nepal, but if you are interested in visiting other neighbouring countries (Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, etc.) either before or after the Run, then why not drop the Visa Machine an email to find out more about visas for these countries?