The Where



Cochin to Jaisalmer


Jaisalmer to Shillong


Shillong to Cochin


A place that will be forever etched into The Adventurists history books as the launch location of the very first Rickshaw Run. They said it was impossible. Pah! This splendid corner of Kerala has three-wheeled adventuring Pedigree in spades. The local population will welcome you like an old friend and then beat you at cricket. You'll find the freshest of fresh fish and more historical significance and cultural intrigue than you can throw a rickshaw at.


In the far north east of India lies a splendid hill station in a state known as the Scotland of the East for its mountainous and impressive vistas (and because it rains a lot). You'll drive through mountain forests up onto a plateau to reach the capital of Meghalaya, which means the 'Abode of Clouds'. Oh, and it has the world's wettest golf course.


A ludicrously picturesque setting with forts that sprout out of the desert and finely sculptured Jain temples, it stands on a ridge of sandstone and is aptly nicknamed 'The Golden City'. Where better to begin an epic three wheeling bout of glorious mayhem than the very heart of the Rajasthan desert? Here we will gather for back slapping aplenty and fitting launch ceremonies before heading out in search of the coconuts of Kerala.