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Shit the bed, adventuring in a glorified lawnmower is popular. 2018 is already completely booked up, as is the January 2019 Run. That means that right now, you'll have to content with putting your name in the box below, and googling lawnmowers.

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The best thing you can do with 3 weeks off work and a lycra suit.
— Matt Boraman - April 2013
Like a slap round the face to all your senses. And then a kick to the balls of the ones you didn’t know existed.
— Matt Dickens - 2006
It’s the purest and liveliest escape from reality I’ve ever had. With hindsight I now realise that reality is nonsense and adventure makes perfect sense
— Biddy McGregor - January 2013
The most grueling, exhausting, nerve wrecking, adrenaline packed adventure you’ll put yourself into.
— Corinne Copreni - April 2013
An incredible way to see, smell, taste, and feel India. It gives you the freedom to explore the nooks and crannies of this terribly awesome place, and meet the people of India in a way not otherwise possible. Plus, driving one these little rickshaws is just a damn hoot!
— Michael Anschel - September 2012
If you don’t know if you have the Spirit of & for adventure, then Rickshaw Run is a good test for that. You’ll come off either hating what you did and what it meant; or you’ll remember every moment and hate that moment when you have to get back to reality!
— Rakesh Rao - April 2013
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