The Launch

Launch Party and Ceremony, Test Driving and Sports Day

This takes place over three days, see the adventure diaries on each adventure for more details...

On the first couple of days you’ll be able to get a bit of driving practice in. You can also do a bit of stroking and pimping of your beastie. Then, the day before the launch is when you'll get thrashed by a local team at cricket, or thrash a local team at football. Once you've finished celebrating/commiserating your sporting prowess, we shall all gather together in the evening for some fine revelry at the launch party. The practice, pimping and partying venues will be disclosed nearer the launch.

The next day we hold the official launch ceremony and then... you're off into the unknown...yikes.

When do I need to be there?

Any time before the start party is a good bet, and you will have to attend at least one test-driving session. We'll be there for a good while before the launch and are usually, when not embroiled in local bureaucracy, up for a beer or three in the evening.


The Middle

This bit is where the actual adventure begins. Get stuck up the Himalayas or lost on dirt tracks in the jungle....the world is your lobster and India is your prawn during these two weeks on the Subcontinent.

The End

Before you launch, you'll receive details of the finish location. So all you have to do is get the rickshaw there. When you get to the finish line you will be given information about what to do with your vehicle and there will be a team of people out there to sort out all the paperwork for you. Nice.

The Finish Line

What happens at the finish line?

Sign the arrivals board and quaff a brew

Once you get to the finish line it is time to sit back and be smug for a while. Stick your team on the arrivals board and pat each other on the back for a while. It's recommended that you then treat yourselves to a survivors drink to celebrate your success.

Hand back the Rickshaw

Unfortunately we need our rickshaws back, so before your night begins in earnest you need to hand over your rickshaw so we can start the process of getting your deposit back. Details on how to do this will be given to you in the documentation you'll get at the start and finish.

Celebrate your success/survival

Stand around in groups patting each other on the back and telling wildly exaggerated tales of your adventures.

Your darling vehicle will then go into hibernation while it gets checked over firstly by us personally, and then by a team of mechanics. 


When do I need to get there?

Well if you want to join in all the jumping up and down then get there for the finish line party. Check the adventure diary for the details. You don’t have to come to the party, and there will be an Adventurists person around for a few days after the party to greet the latecomers, but remember that an extra rickshaw hire charge of £50 a day kicks in if you still haven’t arrived 5 days after the party. Not to mention all the fun and guaranteed shenanigans you’ll miss.