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Rickshaw Run 2017

Refundable Vehicle Deposit

Welcome to a boring but unfortunately necessary piece of pre-adventure administration. 

You can lodge your refundable rickshaw deposit in GBP or USD. Choose your weapon and you'll get the info and payment reference for making the bank transfer in your currency of choice (we aim to add Euros as an option very soon).  

The person who originally signed up your team and paid the entry fee should do this bit of admin using the same email address. Please don't forget to use the right payment reference so we can assign your deposit to your team with the minimum of faff. 

At the end of the Rickshaw Run we’ll ask you for the bank account details we need to return the money to your account. Remember we don’t want to take any money off this deposit and where we do we’ll always minimise the cost to you where we can.

Bank charges are bad. We hate them, you hate them. When you send the money in there will be a charge so your deposit amount will be the amount cleared in our bank after charges. When we repay the deposit back to you there might also be bank charges depending on what country you're in, what currency you chose to pay it with and what bank you use. If you have any questions give us a shout.

If you ask for the deposit to be returned to an account held in a different currency the exchange rate set by the bank on the day of the transaction will be used. 

And don’t panic; once you’re thundering across India in a glorified lawnmower the boring admin will be a distant memory.