Fuck me, this is a boring page. But apparently there are people who care so here it is...

The long and short of it is that we do everything we can to get as much data on you as possible, which we sell to the most annoying people we can find. Then we use the money to support the arms trade and buy copious quantities of illegal substances.



Not just a second rate rich tea biscuit. These are also bits of electro-digitalism that we put on your computer when you look at our website.  We only do it so you can do wild things like logging in. But if you object to things like that, run away, quickly before we do it. Too late.

We actually use them for things like letting you log in and exciting things like that. Turn them off if you don't want us to do that. 

Privacy Policy

As mentioned this is all about selling your private data to the highest bidder and buying heavy artillery. But to make sure we don't get sued here is a privacy policy that will blow your mind with excitement...

Our actual Policy

The Adventurists aren't going to spill the beans or sell your data to pirates. We keep it locked up safe and sound in the Adventurists electronical vault deep in the bowels of the earth guarded by Gurkhas and an assortment of other very hard people. By using the fine Adventurists website, you're accepting this here privacy policy.

We collect personal information like your name, email address, address and the likes. If you sign up for an adventure we may collect more detailed information such as passport details, date of birth and vehicle specifications etc.

We may also collect your browser type and IP address. In addition, we store certain information from your browser using cookies. Mostly chocolate chip but the occasional electronic one slips in.

We use the information you provide about yourself to stay in touch with you and organise adventures. We also use non-personal aggregate info to monitor traffic and improve our website services. We keep it locked up safe and sound on a secure server hosted by trusted third-party hosting providers.

If you're taking part in an adventure we may pass on relevant details to the government bodies, regional authorities, departments, or other organisations that require it in order for you to take part. 

Access and control over most of your personal information is available through your account editing tools. You can modify or delete any of your account information at any time by logging into the website.

Your use of the website and any dispute arising from it, is subject to this privacy policy as well as our terms of use. We do reserve the right to change our privacy policy and our terms of use at any time.