On The Road

We'll update this section with information to bear in mind when you are on the road. Much of it is common sense, some of it can get you out of a pickle, some of it will just help you to have more fun.


Time honoured techniques for avoiding bribes include; not breaking the law, pretending not to understand the intentions of your captor, handing over a variety of unimportant documents with your name on, waiting until everyone is too bored to continue or offering a simple cigarette.

Don't let that list limit you though, get inventive; trade melons, sing 4 person harmonies, perhaps even shit your pants very obviously in their presence - and then be sure to tell us if it worked. 

You don't need to pay them though, and if you do you will merely encourage a repeat of the situation for the next team.


This is where the adventure starts, where legendary rally stories are created. It might seem like there is no hope but step back and survey the situation... Tennis balls can pucker up your suspension, ladies tights can replace a fan belt and that yaks skull you just passed, could the horns be used to fix a leaking radiator? Probably not but at least it will make the car look cool. Whatever you do don't give in - nothing is as satisfying as overcoming a situation that seems impossible.


Having a big old adventure and filming is not the easiest thing to do With that in mind we've drawn up the Adventurists Filming Tips to help you on your way.

Here are the basics:

Filming tips

If something is happening, film it from more than angle if possible. This makes for a much more interesting story. Where possible, try to use a tripod.

Double check some settings on your camera to get the best look, but when you can’t, you’d be forgiven for not getting your White Balance, ISO and Shutter Speed exactly right. Just as long as it’s in focus. You’re on a rally over a third of the planet.. if in doubt, use the default Auto setting. Also, film from far away, way up close and everything in between. Oh, and no zooming unless you really know what you’re doing.

Use the rule of thirds to make your shot more appealing, ensure the sky isn’t massively over exposed, or that what you’re filming isn’t just a black silhouette against a light source behind it.  Audio is essential to shooting good video.

Video Diaries

Try filming  yourself talking every evening (before dark). Talk about what happened that day, how you’re feeling, the good bits and shit bits or any other story you want to tell. It’s usually best to try and talk more about the things you filmed that day. This way, during the edit, cutaways can be played during your diary entry.

Have every team member do them instead of one team member to telling us every story. A couple of you on camera at the same time works too - and it also works doing it on your own out of earshot of your teammates, so you can talk about them... candidly. Spill the beans, call a spade a spade, and get them to do the same thing about you.

Doing the diaries a few hours after certain situations is better, because you get a better view or reaction, whether it’s looking back and laughing, or slagging off teammates because you’re finally on your own!

Use a tripod for these or mounted camera, and try to shoot away from sunlight. Make sure nothing is over-exposed, pitch black or out of focus before you begin.

Sound could not be more important here. Do a test video to make sure you know how the clip will sound once recorded. If you can, listen to a short clip with headphones to make sure.

Getting it seen

We've got a Facebook following of 33,000 people who love a good story. During the Rally our website gets about 100,000 hits a week. our Electro-newsletter The Jibber is sent to 38,000 people. Not to mention our Adventurist Annual Conference which will be attended by hundreds of adventure lovers.

If you want your videos to be seen we can help with that.

Uploading is easy, just go to http://theadventurists.wetransfer.com, click Add Files, select the clips you want to send us, write a little message letting us know what it is and... boom! 

Contact the chaps at HQ by calling +441173643402 during UK working hours or emailing us at editor@theadventurists.com and we’ll get back to you as quick as we can. Or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter on The Adventurists’ pages.


We’ve an army of digital wizards who have lovingly crafted us a beautiful and highly sophisticated blogging and tracking system. Your friends and family will almost feel they’re stuck in the car with you - minus the smell of BO and diet of instant noodles.

The link you need to be sharing with your friends, families and Kazak supporters along the way is this one:


The place you need to go to share your adventure with the world is here:

Updating from the road

You can either update directly from the blogging page above, or you can do so by mobile phone.

Registering your mobile

The first step is to register your mobile, the easiest way to do this is on the dashboard above, but you can also do it manually.  You only need to do this once for each phone number, but you will need to do it for each number if you are going to buy local SIM cards. You can register your phone by logging in to the website and adding the number. If you can’t get online you can also register using SMS messages:

The number to register your phone and send SMS updates to is +44 793 794 66 77

Enter the following with a space between each bit of information to register your phone

  • Begin your text with TA

  • The email address you have registered with the Adventurists

  • Your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yy (in this order with forward slashes)

  • The Adventure code - MR16

So your registration should look like this: TA  you@email.com  19/04/86  MR16


Update your blog and map

Once your phone is registered you can send in blog and location updates. All your messages will appear on the Mongol Rally Live Tracking Map.

Enter the following with a space between each bit of information to make an update

  • Begin your SMS with TA

  • To get your updates on the map you need to enter your location followed by a colon “:”

  • Type your message

So your update should look like this:

TA  Novosibirsk, Russia:  Another puncture and we’ve run out of tea.

Try to be as specific as possible with the location, if possible town, region, country.


Unless you live in a cave you have probably noticed Turkey, previously a very popular country on the Mongol Rally, is slightly less than stable. Previous Mongol Ralliers have found themselves caught in the middle of the 2008 Russian invasion of Georgia, inconvenienced by the Kyrgyz Revolution of 2010, and frequently diverted away from the Pamir Highway in the notoriously unstable Tajikistan. 

Though our influence and power globally is growing, we can’t yet guarantee Mongol Ralliers world-wide free passage and diplomatic immunity, so in order to not be caught out stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. We’re not about to tell you where you should and shouldn't go - that’s up to you - but we heartily recommend doing your own research and making an informed decision. 

Sites worth taking a look at are: