Behold our First Ocean Adventure

The Indian Ocean is a cruel mistress, and she likes to slap you in the face. If you think you have something more exhilarating to do than hurtling along the coast of Zanzibar — in a hollowed-out tree with a bed sheet for a sail — then shut your laptop and limp back to your Xbox. 

This is our first ocean adventure and it takes big, hairy swinging balls (or the lady equivalent) to complete it. It will be salty, it will be sunny and you will have to rely on your wits.

You are in a race against opponents, the insanity of the Indian Ocean and your own capacity to endure.

A merciless tough race in an idyllic setting

Our mission is to give you the real deal, not some stage-managed, sanitised adventure but the opportunity to get out there in a wilderness, to test yourself and see what you’re made of. If you’re still reading you might have what it takes. 

We searched the world for a suitable aquatic arena until we found Zanzibar: with piercing turquoise water, blue skies and white beaches, you’ll feel like you have crash-landed into an aftershave advert. 

Zanzibar is impossibly beautiful. An archipelago off the coast of Tanzania in Eastern Africa, its coast is studded with tiny islands.

You will be racing through 500km of unforgiving waters, stopping off at checkpoints along the way and camping out on desert islands or kipping in fishing villages. You can choose whatever route you think will lead to victory.

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