The Money Stuff

The entry fee 

£1300 per person for a team of 3 people. While it is possible with a team of 2, it's a lot more difficult and you need approval from Race HQ first. Solo sailors not allowed on this one.

The entry fee includes:

  • Getting to tell your grandchildren you sailed the greatest ocean adventure on the seas
  • Use of the mighty Ngalawa for the duration of the race & training
  • Pre-race training
  • One day test sail with your own skipper
  • Support vessel in case of emergencies.
  • Use of satellite tracker
  • Local charts for navigation
  • Launch and finish parties

It doesn't cover...

  • Insurance
  • Travel to/ from the start & finish
  • Visas
  • Immunisations
  • Food and accommodation
  • GPS device for navigation

Other costs

Accommodation - About £200

Accommodation is pretty cheap both in Tanzania and on the islands. While the race is on it's very likely you'll sleep on beaches or sandbanks a fair bit.

Food - About £150

Food is cheap and good, if you get to somewhere with a restaurant expect to pay £5-£10 for a meal, or less if you're eating on the fly. There are also enough fish to make catching your lunch an option.

Vaccinations - About £100

You might need some immunisations to come to Tanzania and the islands. You might already have all the immunisations you need, you might also decide you don't need any. We advise checking with your local health centre what they recommend.

Flights - About £600 from Europe

It depends where you're flying from of course.

Insurance - About £100

Don't cut the corners on this one or you might end up weeping on a dirty hospital mattress as you remortgage your house to avoid surgery from an untrained vet with a blunt spoon.

Visa - About £50

Most nationalities need a visa for Tanzania, depending on where you are from and how quickly you need it they will cost about £50. If you need help try our chums at The Visa Machine.

Other kit -  £50+

You will need a GPS navigation compass, a dry-sack, a life-vest & a torch. You might also want a first aid kit (with bug spray & sun-cream). You might want a tent, you might be happy with a mozzie net and sleeping bag liner.

Returnable Deposit - £500

To cover the boat, the tracker, LED flare and inflatable pontoons. This will be returned after you hand them back on the finish line.