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January 2017

£1300 per person (based on a team of three)

30th - 31st Dec 2016: Pre race training

1st - 9th Jan 2017: The race

9th Jan 2017: Prize ceremony & par

You can pay £500 to bag your place followed by instalments. 


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Application Form

Why the application form? Short answer: we need to know you have enough sailing experience on board your Ngalawa or enough time and the commitment to train yourself up to a standard to take on a massive adventure in ancient boats.

There's balls and fast learning skills and then there's setting off in a dugout canoe to open water with absolutely no idea how to steer the boat or find land. You don't all need to be Olympic standard but if none of you have sailed before, you'll need to have time to do some proper training before the race starts. Give us a call if you have any questions or just be honest about your experience level and we'll point you towards the training you'll need. 

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A brief description of your sailing experience including any qualifications or tickets you've got.
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When you’ve made it through the stupidity you get to a special place”
— - Brock Salier, 5 Somewhere
The Ngalawas are like nothing I’ve ever sailed”
— Marcus Deglos, All At Sea