Pre-Race Qualifying

To qualify for the Ngalawa Cup, someone on your team needs to be a pretty competent sailor. Because you are here, you or your teammate have passed that test. Bravo. 

What you can do in the weeks leading up to the race:

  • Refresh your nav skills
  • Learn how to operate a GPS
  • Ask a boy scout to show you the basic knots and lashings
  • Pack your dry bags and then submerge them in the bathtub


December 29th - 31st is the compulsory training

The pioneers asked for more time on the boat in an the ocean before crossing the start line. We listened and have re-structured the training days so they now include two sea legs. 


We will run over:

  • Basic points of sail and rigging; how to tack and gybe
  • What to do when you capsize;
  • How to rescue your Ngalawa when you’re stranded 
  • Ngalawa basic repairs
  • Navigation basics
  • Communication protocol and using the trackers
  • The race and the rules


You will get in a boat. 

We provide you with a local skipper who speaks fluent Kiswahili to teach you all there is to know about handling your craft.

Your skipper will also join you for your first big crossing on the 31st to the race startline in Nungwi, Zanzibar.

At the end of training on the 31st, the Race Crew will decide if you are capable of sailing unassisted or if a local skip joins you for some or all of your voyage. This will be at your expense. 

You can also volunteer to hire a skip if you feel you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. You

The decision of the Race Crew is final.