We’ve an army of digital wizards who have lovingly crafted us a beautiful and highly sophisticated blogging and tracking system. Your friends and family will almost feel they’re stuck in the car with you - minus the smell of BO and diet of instant noodles.

The link you need to be sharing with your friends, families and Kazak supporters along the way is this one:

The place you need to go to share your adventure with the world is here:


You can either update directly from the blogging page above, or you can do so by mobile phone.


The first step is to register your mobile, the easiest way to do this is on the dashboard above, but you can also do it manually.  You only need to do this once for each phone number, but you will need to do it for each number if you are going to buy local SIM cards. You can register your phone by logging in to the website and adding the number. If you can’t get online you can also register using SMS messages:

The number to register your phone and send SMS updates to is +44 793 794 66 77

Enter the following with a space between each bit of information to register your phone

  • Begin your text with TA

  • The email address you have registered with the Adventurists

  • Your date of birth in the format dd/mm/yy (in this order with forward slashes)

  • The Adventure code - MJ14

So your registration should look like this:

TA  19/04/86  MJ14


Once your phone is registered you can send in blog and location updates. All your messages will appear on the Mototaxi Junket Live Tracking Map.

Enter the following with a space between each bit of information to make an update

  • Begin your SMS with TA

  • If you want people to see where you are enter your location followed by a colon “:”

  • Type your message

So your update should look like this:

TA  Putina, Lake Titicaca, Peru:  Another puncture and we’ve run out of tea.

Try to be as specific as possible with the location, if possible town, region, country

Junket Logo

Should you want to add the junket logo to your website you can use the one below. You can also borrow images and videos from our Youtube & Flickr if you promise not to do anything untowards with any of them