South America is adventuring gold for folks who are bored of queueing at embassies for visas. Citizens of America, Australia, Canada, The EU, New Zealand, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan Singapore, Hong Kong and most of South & Central America. If your country is not on the list consult your foreign office or the lovely chaps at The Visa Machine, specialists in visas for adventure travel

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Travel Insurance

One of the main things to consider once you have been offered a place on an event is Travel Insurance. Many teams have this down as something to sort out closer to the start of the event, however it is worth noting that some travel insurance policies will cover you for valid withdrawal from the event should you become ill, pregnant, lose your job etc.

As we cannot refund your entry fee once the withdrawal period has passed (this is detailed in your Team Entry Agreement when you sign up) it is well worth sourcing Travel Insurance as a priority after sign up, as should you need to withdraw from the event and you are not eligible for a refund from us, you will not be able to recoup your entry fee costs without insurance.

There are plenty of travel insurance policies available, however many companies will snort in their tea when you explain what it is you are doing, shortly before giving you a rather hefty looking quote.

However the guys at Campbell Irvine know all about the events we run, and offer a competitive rate that includes cover of your entry fee should you have to withdraw for valid reasons (please read their information carefully as to what this entails, full details on how to apply for insurance through Campbell Irvine is available on their website or click the picture above).

Getting yourself travel insurance early on can save you a lot of problems later on should you have to withdraw.

Campbell Irvine can provide cover for your Mototaxi Junket without charging you a big pile of notes. Anyone who is a resident in the UK or European Union can apply for cover.

If you live outside the UK or European Union it is still vital to get the right travel insurance for your journey. When your arm falls off in the desert you'll be grateful for it.

It’s important to get the right insurance for your exact needs and tell your insurers exactly what you intend to get up to so that you’re not caught out if the unexpected happens. Be sure to check the dates of your policy too.

Don’t forget to check all the details and get the policy you need. Campbell Irvine are a completely separate organisation so if you have any questions about the cover or any aspect of the policy you need to contact them directly.

Telephone: +44(0) 20 7937 6981



International Driving Permit

To drive in Peru, bizarrely enough, you need a driving licence. However, depending on where you got your licence, you will also need an International Driving Permit (IDP). This is a small booklet which explains in multiple languages that someone somewhere deemed you capable of driving on public roads.

In order to legally drive a mototaxi you must have your IDP stamped in category A to allow you to drive a 3-wheeled light vehicle.

The requirements to get the elusive category A stamp vary in different issuing countries. We have collated information from some previous teams to get you started, unfortunately the situations are so different in each country, year on year that you may need to investigate further into this.

General: One thing to realise is that an International Driving Permit (IDP) is not a stand-alone document, it is a translation of your own license. It's issued by the same organisation that issues drivers licenses, and its purpose is to make your current drivers license valid in other countries. Therefore, to get an IDP to drive a mototaxi in Peru, you need to have whatever license from your country you need to drive a mototaxi in your own country. For example, if a mototaxi is classed as a motorcycle in your own country, then you'll need a full motorcycle license to drive a mototaxi in Peru.

United Kingdom

International Driving Permits are issued in by 2 organisations in the UK. The AA and the Post Office. 

You can obtain an International Driving Permit directly from the AA by making an application by post or by applying in person at one of the designated Post Offices who issue the International Driving Permits on behalf of the AA. To make sure you don’t encounter any difficulties in getting the ‘category A’ box stamped (which is needed to drive the Rickshaw or Mototaxi), read below.

A standard driving licence technically covers you for driving a 3 wheeled vehicle in the UK however the IDP has a different set of categories and groups 3 wheelers with light weight motorbikes. 

If your license was issued BEFORE February 2001, you should be able to go to one of the designated Post Offices to obtain the IDP as the restriction code 122 should not be listed. If they protest (and some will) then ask them to consult their guidelines on IDP's as their issuing guidelines come directly from the AA. Alternatively you can make an application by post as detailed below.

If your license was issued AFTER February 2001, or on the back of your photo card licence it has the code 122 detailed in section 12, the Post Office will not stamp ‘A’. Should you have the restriction code detailed you can only make an application by post, directly to the AA, marking the top of the application MOTOTAXI JUNKET or RICKSHAW RUN – Please Stamp ‘A’. 

Rosie Sanderson / Angela Hutchinson

The AA


Upper Ground Floor

Fanum House


RG21 4EA

You can download the form and find more details on the AA website:


IDPs in other Countries

United States

To get a 'Category A' permit in the US, you need a valid US motorcycle permit. A regular drivers license will only enable you to get a type B permit. You can get an international drivers permit at a AAA office.

New Zealand

You may need to have a Class 6 Endorsement (motorcycles) on your driving license to ensure you get the Category A stamped. Check the AA website for the most recent updates.


Australia now has a standard across all states. To get Category A stamped in you IDP you will need a motorcycle licence (R or RE class). Check with your local authorities to ensure this is the case.


You have three choices for getting the IDP: NAF (Norges Automobilforbund), KNA (Kongelig Norsk Automobilklub) or MA (Motorførernes Avholdsforbund). You also need to hold a valid Class A drivers license.


If your country is not listed above, we have not managed to collate information from previous teams in those countries. Please do e-mail in to and we will try to help you out.