How do I go about getting there, then?

Easiest thing to do for getting their is fly into Lima and then take an internal dirt cheap flight to Piura from which you can get public or publicish transport to Colan.

For the finish you can take a coach from Urubamba to Cusco and then an internal flight to Lima before flying out of Peru to wherever home is.

Start - Colan  (near Piura)

Piura does have an international airport, but you might be better off flying to Lima and getting an internal flight to Piura, there are coaches and the like which can take you to Colan from Piura.

Finish - Sacred Valley - Urubamba

The nearest airport to the Sacred Valley is in Cuzco. You can catch a coach from the finish line at Urumbama to Cuzco and then fly to Lima before flying home.

For internal flights can be dirt cheap - its worth checking these airlines:

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