The Monkey Run Romania

Upon realising that Monkey Bikes are the new dawn of adventurism, we decided to flood the planet with crappy motorcycles. Romania is next on the list.

Not only Does Romania have two of the best motoring roads in the world, the Transfaragasan and Transalpina, but also it has a huge network of off-road trails that run from one side of the country to the other, like Europe's biggest cross country dirtbike track.

We're sending a handful of pioneers to test this new route in July 2018, if they come back with a decent fun to disaster ratio, the next edition will be launched shortly after.

The Carpathian Mountains

Height: 2,500 m
Area: 190,000 km2

The Transylvanian Forests

Size: 100,000 km2
Beware of: Bears, bats, wolves, vampires, clichés

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Start: Sighetu Marmatiei

Cluj airport would be the closest, and from there you can take a train or bus.

Finish: Vama Veche

There's an international airport at Constanta. Or you can get a coach to Bucharest.

The pioneer event will start just below the Ukraine border and shall wend its way to the hedonistic sands of the Black Sea. In between there are thousands of miles of dirt track, covering the country like varicose veins over the legs of an obese chain smoker.

The Detaily bits

How Much: £1295 per bike, which includes...

  • A mighty if diminutive bike to love.
  • The bike transported to the start line 
  • All the paperwork and bike insurance ready to go.
  • Test driving and advice pre-launch
  • A launch party to kill half your brain and a finish party to kill the other.
  • The most ridiculous week of adventuring chaos imaginable.


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Fuel, Food and Lodging

Finding fuel and mechanics shouldn't be a problem. Though the mechanics might not have suitable spares for your bike, so you might want to take some basic spares.

Finding food and water in the towns you pass through shouldn't be a problem.

Most places you can stop for food and fuel will have somewhere you can stay, even if it's on someone's floor. Because these bikes are pretty shit you might want to bring some camping stuff.


License - You'll need whatever paperwork is required in your country of origin to ride a 50cc motorcycle.
IDP - While International driving permits aren't compulsory in Romania, they act as a useful translation of your driving licence. You want one with a Category "A" stamp.
Bike insurance - The bikes come with 3rd party motor insurance.
Personal insurance - You'll need travel insurance to cover you for the whole of the Run. You should make sure it specifically covers you for what you are doing and where.
Visas - Many nationalities don't need a visa for Romania for up to 90 days. You can check if this includes you here.
Vehicle deposit - We charge a £300 returnable vehicle deposit to make sure we get our bikes back at the end of the adventure, this is fully returnable and we won't charge you for general wear and tear.