The Monkey Run Peru

The Monkey Run is pretty stupid anywhere, but we thought we'd spice things up a little more by slapping down the Peruvian gauntlet.

Where better to take your child's bike than across the Andes and through the Amazon rainforest? 

Picture the scene, you take your bike to the shops at home, and return with the milk you set off for. It's not too exciting is it? Now imagine you took a wrong turn, got lost, ended up in the heart of the Amazon, broke down and had to fix your bike with a lump of rock, a shedload of determination and a fuckload of swearwords. In the dark. With snakes slithering over your toes. Yes. Now we're talking.

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Starting somewhere near Ayacucho and finishing more or less in Atalaya. We're convinced that this route will blow your stinky socks off to kingdom come.

It takes place in the Andes Mountains and through a shitload of the Amazon jungle. It is old-school adventuring at its very best.

There's a party at the end a bit of test driving at the start and in between you're on your own. Just the way it should be.


Getting in & out


Ayacucho is a 10 hour overnight coach trip or a one hour flight. Peruvian coaches have an awesome first class option that puts the piss-stinking, overpriced and cramped UK coaches to shame. The coach is about $40USD, the flight is about $120.


Atalaya is either flights or boat trip & coaches back to Lima. The flights go via Pucallpa and cost about $160. The land/ water route takes about 24 hours and costs about $70.

Entry fee

£1295 per bike, which includes...

  • A mighty if diminutive bike to love.
  • The bike transported to the start line 
  • All the Peruvian paperwork and bike insurance ready to go.
  • Test driving and advice pre-launch
  • A launch party to kill half your brain and a finish party to kill the other.
  • The most ridiculous week of adventuring chaos imaginable.
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  • License - You'll need whatever paperwork is required in your country of origin to ride a 90cc motorcycle. You absolutely need this, without it you wont get the keys to the bikes.
  • IDP - While International driving permits aren't compulsory in Peru, they act as a useful translation of your driving licence. You want one with a Category "A" stamp.
  • Bike insurance - The bikes come with 3rd party motor insurance.
  • Personal insurance - You'll need travel insurance to cover you for the whole of the Run. You should make sure it specifically covers you for what you are doing and where.
  • Visas - Most nationalities don't need a visa for Peru for up to 180 days. You can check if this includes you here.
  • Vehicle deposit - We charge a £300 returnable vehicle deposit to make sure we get our bikes back at the end of the adventure, this is fully returnable and we wont charge you for general wear and tear.
We ended up camping at 4,500m behind a shepherd’s hut sleeping under a tarp. Got hit by a hailstorm and woke under an inch of ice. It was fucking excellent.
— Mr Joolz