The Run is born

Mr Tom and Mr Buddy buggered off into the desert with a couple of silly motorbikes and an unrealistic plan. The disappointment to see them return was matched by the joy that was the birth of the Monkey Run.

It's you and a tiny, unreliable, 2 wheeled, rolling turd getting stuck in some of the most remote parts of the world. What could possibly go right.

dotty (2).png

Step forward the Monkey

King of the road. Emperor of the off road. Master of the Jungle. Or perhaps not. The Monkey bike is basically completely unsuitable for normal sized adults on a short journey. And therefore the ultimate adventuring beast.

dotty (2).png

Choose your playground...

The Monkey Run is spreading around the globe like a nude photo of an A-list celebrity. It's about time you dove head first into some 2 wheeled disasters...


From the Sahara Desert, to the Atlantic Ocean, via the Atlas Mountains.
The original Monkey Run.


Beginning with the 'greatest road in the world' - The Trasfaragasan - and ending at the Black Sea.


Over the 4,500 metre passes of the Andes, into the bowels of the Amazon rainforest. A monkey bike's limit?

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A continent-sized wilderness sat in wait to eat you and your tiny but unreasonably cool steed.

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