The weight limit for riders on the Derby is 85kgs, dressed to ride, plus 5kgs of luggage

Riders must weigh out on Pre-Race Training Day 1, August 1st, in UB, and the 5kgs luggage weigh out occurs an hour before the launch on August 4th. 

Why not weigh riders AND luggage on the morning of the race?  Because on grass you cannot get an accurate reading, and for some of the heavier guys who are hovering around the limit, this is a very big issue.  So we weigh out at the training venue on proper scales.

What is included in your 5kgs?
The weight of your saddle bag and its contents plus any other containers you are carrying- pockets, bumbags, camera bags etc.

Your tech equipment and hydration pack too (if you didn't elect to include it in your rider weight.)

Maggie and Charles will take note of who has weighed out their hydration packs and tech equipment.  If you don't weigh it out on August 1st, it must be included in your 5kgs on the launch morning.  These weights are taken using a digital hanging balance scale.  Riders can then attach their saddle bag to their saddle and fill their hydration packs but are not allowed to add anything to their luggage after this time.


What is included in your 85kgs? 
"All riding wear" - riders must elect how much to wear on the scales based on their weight and preferences.  Helmets, jods and boots are non-negotiable. 

Note that GoPros and headtorches are not "riding wear" - that is part of your 5kgs, even though its attached to your hat.  

Clearly, if you weigh 60kgs in your riding kit, the more clothes you wear on the scales, the more space you have in your 5kgs luggage allowance.  But you'll have to ride off the start in all that clobber.  (Once off the start no-one cares what you are wearing and what you are storing - as long as we start all fair and square, job done).

Other optional extras you can put on the "Rider" scales:
Your tracker and GPS - combined weight c. 400g
Your EMPTY hydration pack - dry weight c. 650g. 

What makes the optional extras - "optional extras" in the 85kgs?  
Because we want to be as inclusive as we possibly can be.  If you weigh 83.5kgs, and 85kgs dead on in your super lightweight riding kit, then you are eligible to ride the Mongol Derby.  You will just have to travel lighter that someone who weighs 55kgs.  If that is unfair to you, the alternative is to not ride the Mongol Derby. 

The hydration pack can be considered rider weight because you are effectively wearing it, so to the horse it is 'live' weight, unlike the dead weight of the saddle bag.

However, hydration packs must be empty if they are included in rider weight. What you CANNOT do is load up a 5kg saddle bag and also pack lots of nice heavy things into your hydration pack as rider weight for the weigh out.  

Everything you are not wearing whilst riding - even if it is stored in your pockets or hydration pack rather than your saddle bag, needs to come in at 5kgs. 

So even if you weigh out well under the 85kgs maximum, don't be tempted to see that as 'free' extra weight and strap lots of extra kit to your body. Whilst there will be a decent variation in the rider weight, everyone's kit needs to come in at 5kgs (or under) because that we think that's fair. Sportsmanship isn't it?

The team at the training day will be judges on this one. 

What is not included in the 85kgs OR the 5kgs? 
The horse's saddle and bridle, hobbles and your stirrups or fenders, are not included. Nor is your water.